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A Gym Story
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Not For Athletes Only LLC


A “Crash Course” in

Fitness, Health and Nutrition.

nfao fun

Compacted into “10” sectionalized, “easy to read” booklets.

This series is not only for beginners, but for advanced trainees as well!

“Educational – Informative – Entertaining”

There’s definitely something in here for everyone.
What is discussed are not the fitness fads so popular today,
but rather the “Old School” basics.

Make no mistake, this “Crash Course” does not by any means suggest an easy “quick fix”!

Real Results – A guaranteed better / improved you no matter your age, will be a consequence of your best efforts, continually.

Included are the how to do’s and how not to do’s of many popular free weight exercises, as well as other important
Fitness, Health and Nutrition topics.

Complete with a variety of visuals to keep your efforts more safe and productive.

We would like to encourage you to read and see everything on the pages here at NFAO.

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